• Matthijs Van Miltenburg

    MEP, ALDE Group

  • Why and how could Europe secure passenger flights flying over potentially dangerous conflict zones?

  • Patrick Ky

    Executive Director , European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

  • Gad Regev

    Deputy Director General, Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI)

  • Bart de Vries

    Head of Flight Operations, Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM)


  • How should a European system be set up in good cooperation with the member states and the basic need of sharing intelligence?

  • Olivier Onidi

    Deputy Director General, HOME, European Commission

  • Filip Cornelis

    Head of Unit in charge of Aviation Safety, Directorate-General, MOVE, European Commission

  • Gerhard Conrad

    Director, EU Intelligence and Situation Centre, European Union External Action

  • Point of view of the European Parliament

  • Marian-Jean Marinescu

    MEP, EPP Group


  • Concluding remarks

  • Matthijs Van Miltenburg

    MEP, ALDE Group